Newpipe for PC

A NewPipe alternative for PC without ads, with Picture in Picture, dislike button, and SponsorBlock.

What is NewPipe for PC?

NewPipe is an Android app, but you can enjoy the same experience on Windows. Try Opera GX browser with built-in adblocker, free VPN, and many other features. We’ll show a couple of powerful extensions to make it even better.


Free VPN

No more searching for third-party VPN services. Opera GX provides a free VPN that safeguards your browsing while ensuring superior speed.


Dive deep into your videos without the interruption of ads. With Opera GX, it’s about you and your content. Experience ad-free browsing on all websites.

Picture in Picture

Multitasking made easy! With the video pop-out feature, you can watch your favorite content in a compact window while managing other tasks.


Say goodbye to unnecessary sponsor interruptions. With the SponsorBlock extension, jump straight to your videos.

Privacy First

Your privacy is the top priority. Opera GX protects your online footprint, ensuring you can surf the web without leaving traces.

Dislike Button

Miss the good old days with dislikes? The Return YouTube Dislike extension lets you view the count of dislikes under videos.

How to Install It?

  1. Download Opera GX.
  2. Click on the file to install it on your Windows device.
  3. Turn on the adblocker and video pop-out feature in the settings.
  4. Install the SponsorBlock extension.
  5. Install the Return YouTube Dislike extension.
  6. Finally, install the YouTube Enhancer extension.

Once you finish the installation process, you’ll have a lightweight browser with a free VPN, built-in adblocker, and PiP mode.

Our powerful extensions will also provide you with SponsorBlock, dislikes, and other improvements for your YouTube experience.