NewPipe with SponsorBlock

A video player without ads, with Picture in Picture, dislikes, downloader, and SponsorBlock.

Version: 0.25.2

What is SponsorBlock?

SponsorBlock is an open-source browser extension that lets you skip unwanted parts of YouTube videos, such as sponsored segments, credits, and intros.

NewPipe x SponsorBlock x Return YouTube Dislike combines standard features of NewPipe with the ability to skip sponsors and see the number of dislikes for a video.

How to Install NewPipe x SponsorBlock?

  1. Download NewPipe x SponsorBlock APK.
  2. Click on the APK file to install it.
  3. Open the settings and input the official API URL in the SponsorBlock section.
  4. Set up SponsorBlock by choosing what sponsor segments you want to highlight or skip.