Gyakori problémák

This troubleshooting guide explains how to fix errors in NewPipe, including issues with org.schabi.newpipe, network, and other.

org.schabi.newpipe is not installed / unable to download video

  1. Töltse le a NewPipe APK.
  2. Install it as standard APK file.

Alternatively, you can use Seal instead of NewPipe:

  1. Install it here.
  2. Update settings in ReVanced:

    Interaction > Download settings > change Downloader Package name to this:


NewPipe Could Not Parse Website

This issue was fixed in the new NewPipe version.

  1. Delete NewPipe.
  2. Telepítse a latest NewPipe version.

Don’t forget to export the database from your device before deleting NewPipe, and import the database to the new NewPipe.

Export: Settings > Content > Export Database
Import: Settings > Content > Import Database

This is the only way to save your subscriptions and playlists.

Network Errors

  1. Clear the cache for the NewPipe.
  2. Close the video, restart the app, and play a different video.
  3. Switch to audio-only format, and then turn on video again.
  4. If nothing helps, reinstall the NewPipe.

Other Issues

You can fix most of the other less popular errors by clearing the cache for the NewPipe and reinstalling the app (installing only the latest official release).

If nothing helped, leave a report with a detailed description of your bug in official Github discussions.